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A complete training is not only based on acquiring technical knowledge. A good professional has to be primarily self-conscious of his/her environment.

Therefore, in H.L. we emphasize especially working on attitudes in our training. Values such as friendship , solidarity and commitment must be reflected in our everyday. The Social Integration Days were created due to that part of this social commitment that we want to involve our students. Bringing closer the hairdressing and beauty to people who for one reason or another have obstacles in our society it’s the goal of this project. It becomes a day of sharing experiences and willing to know each other.

Our partnership with the “Foundation for Down syndrome and other intellectual disabilities of Basque Country” allows us to make a number of joint activities with them to conduct this project.

Hnos. Larrinaga - jornadas de integración
Hurtado de Amézaga, 20 - 1ª planta
48008 BILBAO (Bizkaia)
Tel. 94 415 34 00
* We work along this entities organismos oficiales en coordinación con el centro de peluquería y estética Hnos. Larrinaga
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