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As its name suggests in Euskera, the program means being Educated ( Hezi ) in two ( bi) ways: In the training school and in the workplace.

EZIBI is the new model of dual vocational training in alternation , which enables to achieve a training course or professional certificate , combining study and work.

Formacion Hezibi


  • - The purpose of the program is to enable young people to obtain a vocational qualification through a learning process that develops shared basis between the vocational school and the training salon.
  • - Develop complementary skills (teamwork, responsibility, ...) and discover the daily running of the company and acquire knowledge, skills and abilities needed to practice a profession and meet the specific needs of the company (specializations).
  • - Minimizing the mismatch between the skills acquired in the school and the ones equired in the workplace.
  • - Try to find solutions approaching and integrating of young people into the industry.
  • - Anticipate the entry of young people into the industry, improving employment rate and contributes to visualize the connection between training and employment.
  • - Allow a better match between supply and demand in the industry, it enables young people have few financial resources at the same time to obtain a professional qualification and a proven work experience.
  • - Allow an approchement between schools and enterprises, promoting a renewal of content and teaching methods.



  • - Students between 16 and 30 years old subscribed to Lanbide.
  • - Labor Contract for Training and Learning.
  • - The company defines with Hnos . Larrinaga a Formative Plan and may include specific training outside the qualifications established for the student - worker.
  • - Flexible and tailored to the needs of business program.
  • - The work done by the student in the company must be< closely related to their professional profile.
  • - Students who participate in the program does not need to complete the FCT module.
  • - Projects generally provide a first-year training cycle in the school itself and a second course of dual training schemes, based on a labor contract Training and Learning.
  • - The assessment is shared between the center and the company.


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