HNOS. LARRINAGA is a experimented and recognized Hair and Beauty Vocational School. The school was founded in 1966, by Eusebio and Juan Larrinaga, the Larrinaga brothers (our name stands from it, Hermanos=brothers), after a long way owing salons and making hairpieces.

Thousands of students have been taught with our own methology, the HL Method, base don knowledge, hability and attitudes. This strong education has brought to our students to achieve important recognitions such as:

  • 1st, 3rd and 4th places in the Spanish Hairdressing National Competitions
  • 1st place in Fantasy Hairdressing at Ordizia Championship
  • 1st place in the Beauty and Job Championshiper
  • Taking part into important shows and events such as Look international, HL Festival, Prest showroom, CreaImagen Show…
estilismos de Hnos. Larrinaga

Dont doubt and make the art of Personal Beauty your lifestyle

Our strategy is hold into a Continuos Improvement system. This system has been awarded several times with certificates such as the ISO 9001(Quality) and ISO 14001 (Enviroment), Avanza Quality Award or the EUSKALIT Total Quality diploma.

In Hnos. Larrinaga you can get official qualifications either from the Basque Government (Hairdressing Level 2 or Beauty therapist Level 2) or from the British Government (Hairdressing Level 2 and Level 3 NVQ and Beauty Therapist Level 2 and Level 3 NVQ). We also offer courses for unemployee people (LANBIDE) or professionals (HOBETUZ), as well as perfectional courses for hair or beauty.

In Hnos. Larrinaga we also bring the opportunity to our students to widen their vision about the hair and beauty industry. They can not only be part of events from important brands such as SKUNKFUNK, EiTB, GHD, PARIS HILTON RACING TEAM, PACHA… but they can be the star of the event itself by showing their hair or beauty creations on international catwalks such as Cibeles with the Look International Salon. Our students can also go abroad for a 3 months period throught the ERASMUS+ founding, getting to know how working period is abroad. Finally, Hnos. Larrinaga students can be part of a new experience in Spain: International Exchange students between Japan and England.

Don’t hesitate and become your passion for hair and beauty your lifestyle.

Hurtado de Amézaga, 20 - 1ª planta
48008 BILBAO (Bizkaia)
Tel. 94 415 34 00
* We work along this entities organismos oficiales en coordinación con el centro de peluquería y estética Hnos. Larrinaga
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