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Agenda 21 is a commitment of the education community in order to work for environmental quality and sustainability.

Agenda 21 allows students to analyze and understand the environmental problems of their area and prepare them for the responsible exercise of citizenship towards a more just and environmentally sustainable society.

It has 3 basic components:

  • Environmental sustainability and environmental at school.
  • The curriculum innovation.
  • Participation in the community.

Hnos. Larrinaga promotes these 3 components applying them to their professional training and taking them to the world of hair and beauty salons. Awareness of the 3Rs (Reduce, reuse and recycle), environmental classrooms, control and resource consumption in a classroom, the habit of good environmental practices ... are just some of the factors covered by this project. This commitment to the environment has been recognized with certification ISO 14001 environmental quality award.

Agenda 21 Escolar

Hurtado de Amézaga, 20 - 1ª planta
48008 BILBAO (Bizkaia)
Tel. 94 415 34 00
* We work along this entities organismos oficiales en coordinación con el centro de peluquería y estética Hnos. Larrinaga
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